Spay and Neuter Services

You can do your part to keep the dog and cat population under control by bringing your pet in for spaying and neutering. OnPoint Veterinary Hospital offers spay and neuter services to Middleton, ID pet owners who want to ensure their dog or cat does not end up with additional offspring that need care. We do our part to make sure your pet remains healthy and happy.

What are the Benefits of Spaying and Neutering Pets?

When you have your female dog or cat spayed, they no longer go into heat. That eliminates the urge dogs and cats experience during that period to go outside, which can lead to situations that put them at risk. Spaying your pet also helps them by:

  • Providing relief from hormone fluctuations
  • Keeping female animals from developing a uterine infection called pyometra
  • Reducing the risk of female pets developing breast cancer
  • Helping to keep feelings of separation anxiety under control

What Happens When You Spay or Neuter Pets?

It would be best if you waited until female cats are at least five months old before getting them spayed. The age range is similar for female dogs, around four to six months. Once dogs and cats reach the proper age, bring them to OnPoint Veterinary Hospital for a complete checkup. We perform blood checks and other procedures to ensure your furry companion is in good health and eligible for spaying or neutering.

The safety and comfort of pets are always our top concern. We provide anesthesia that keeps pets unconscious during the surgery. Advances in technology allow us to make spay and neuter procedures safer than in the past. Our staff keeps track of the steadiness of your pet’s breathing to prevent any complications.

Spaying female animals typically involve removing both the uterus and ovaries or just the ovaries by making an excision below the belly button. Neutering consists of removing a dog or cat’s testicles through an incision made in front of the scrotum.

Make sure your pets restrict their movements for around five to 10 days after getting spayed or neutered. Wait until the sutures heal before bathing them or allowing them to run around.

Get Your Pet Spayed and Neutered

OnPoint Veterinary Hospital offers a comfortable, relaxing environment for pet owners who need spay and neuter services in Middleton, ID. Schedule an appointment for your pet today by calling (208) 504-6126.

Spay and Neuter Services in Middleton, ID